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Pet Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in saving a life and adopting a pet into your family. Adopting a pet is a serious commitment. We strongly encourage anyone thinking of adopting a furbaby into your family to do your research and be ready for this commitment. Adopting a pet is a 10-20 year commitment that you and your family members must be ready for.  It may take several weeks or months for your pet to adapt or settle into its new home.

We provide as much information as we have about the animal's history and health as we can gather. All our cats and dogs have a full veterinary exam and are up to date with their vaccinations and spayed/neutered before they are adopted.The exception are puppies or kittens.  Puppies and kittens are adopted once they are protected with their vaccines and are scheduled with our vet to be spayed or neutered once they are old enough. Any medical issues the dog/cat has or had will be disclosed during the adoption process. BSPCA adopts INDOOR dogs/cats ONLY!!

The pet adoption process begins with completing an adoption application. Once you complete the application you can email it to [email protected] The application will be reviewed by a BSPCA member.  Once reviewed, a BSPCA member  will contact you, answer any questions you may have, and set up a home visit. A home visit is required to adopt a pet. The home visit is performed by a BSPCA member and it is to verify that your home will be a safe, clean, friendly environment for the pet. We require that all pets in your home are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical issue, which will be verified with your veterinarian.

Visit our Adoption Gallery and check out the dogs and cats up for adoption. 

Pet Adoption Fee

Adoption fee for dogs/puppies $110

Adoption fee for cats/kittens    $65

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The application will be sent directly to our email.