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BSPCA is always in need of fosters. In order to rescue more pets we need fosters!!
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Adopt a dog or cat from the Brownsville Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals!

Are you looking to adopt a dog or cat, a puppy or kitten? Check out our vetted, trained and friendly pets who are ready to be adopted today!

Brownsville Pets

When you adopt a pet from the BSPCA in Brownsville, you are doing a wonderful service for our community.  Our animals are lovingly cared for in foster homes, socialized to be friendly, and given training to be house-broken.

Because they live with fosters who evaluate the dog's & cat's personality, we can help you find exactly the right animal to adopt to fit your lifestyle.  Are you interested in losing weight, and looking to buy a dog, a medium-energy exercise companion who can accompany you on a health regaining journey? Brownsville has wonderful hike and bike trails to walk with your Brownsville pet. Are you an active person wanting to buy a high-energy dog for a running companion?  Or are you a relaxed person looking to buy a calm dog who will be your sweet home companion?  Do you want a family dog who gets along with people, kids and other pets, but you don't know where to buy a family dog? Or adopt a protection dog to loyally love and guard you?  Are you interested in a certain personality of cat? Instead of buying a dog from a breeder, our experienced dog adoption team can help with some of the considerations that go into choosing which cat or dog to adopt.  Here at BSPCA our fosters are glad to be able to advise you about each of our adoptable dogs, cats and their temperaments.  Our group rescues dogs whose owners may have passed away, abandoned animals, strays, and unwanted animals, and we rehabilitate abused animals as well.  Our goal is to re-home wonderful dogs and cats and give them a second chance.

Furthermore, all our Brownsville SPCA animals are first examined by a veterinarian before they are allowed to be placed for adoption.  The veterinarian treats any health problems, neuters / spays each dog & cat, tests each dog for heartworms and treats the heartworms (if positive) before being listed on our website's Available Dogs & Cats page.  All of our animals are given flea & tick control medication, heartworm preventative, and treated for any other issues so they are healthy and ready to begin a new chapter in their doggie lives - with you!   

Why is adopting from the Brownsville SPCA better than buying a puppy or kitten?

The pets that come into our care are first taken to a veterinarian, neutered / spayed, vaccinated, treated for any conditions and given a full bill of health.  Buying a dog or cat online is risky. The truth is, some dog and cat breeders are just out to take your money.  You see ads on Craigslist for pets, dogs for sale and cats which you know nothing about.  Often these breeders don't care about the animals' health and leave you to pay the bills for everything from de-worming to rabies vaccines & heartworm treatment.  They might not tell you if an animal is sick, even if they know it.  In the worst case scenario, the dogs & cats are kept in filthy, tiny environments, not socialized and in poor health. 

When you adopt pets from the Brownsville ASPCA, we take very good care of our pet's physical health and emotional health.  All of our pets for adoption have lived in a foster's home, been socialized and evaluated for temperament by the foster family, and cleared by a veterinarian.  Puppies and kittens are vaccinated and wormed. We feel this is the best way to help our adoptable dogs & cats find a true "forever home."  


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I would like to adopt a dog or cat! How do I adopt one of your available animals?

Online, check out photos & profiles of our available Pets to Adopt.

Then visit us in person and meet your new potential family member! We have a mobile adoption van that we take to the Petsmart parking lot when the weather is cool (September - May) so you can meet our adoptable dogs, adoptable cats & meet the fosters who can tell you a little more about each animals' temperament.

During the summer, call us at 956-572-7732 we'll be glad to make a free, private appointment to meet the animals you are interested in. Or send us a message via the contact form at the top of this page. 

Please fill out and bring this Adoption Form  with your information (or you can fill one out in front of Petsmart, too). 

How much does it cost to adopt a dog or cat in Brownsville?

Pet Adoption Fee

Adoption fee for dogs / puppies: $110

Adoption fee for cats / kittens:    $65

Adoption cost includes vet examination, treatment, spaying / neutering, and vaccinations. 

What is a dog foster? Can I foster a cat?

Fosters are wonderful individuals, couples & families in Brownsville and the surrounding Rio Grande Valley area, who open up their homes temporarily to a pet in need.  If you are an animal lover, fostering is one of the most wonderful, fun, and rewarding volunteer activities you can do in the RGV! 

Our pets come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Some are owner surrenders, some were loved and cared for by a person who passed away, others were found as strays, some unfortunately have suffered abuse & neglect.  They say love heals all wounds, and we have found this to be true.  Even the shyest, most shivering and afraid little creature can learn to love & trust if kept in a gentle, consistent environment.  This is where they blossom and a hurtful past is wiped away, as a kind hand teaches them things they may not have experienced before, such as what it is ike to live in a loving home, indoor potty training / house training, ... and why fosters are critical.  If you are a big-hearted person with some experience taking care of dogs & cats, and if you'd like to try fostering an animal with us, we can certainly use your help!! Every new foster allows us to say yes to saving another fur baby and not turn one more away for lack of spots.  Please see this page for more information about animal fostering in Brownsville: Becoming a Dog Foster or a Cat Foster